Probate & Trusts


  • James Boyd has the experience of working with complex transactions in the area of probate, trusts, and conservatorships.   He’s familiar with the court process, and can assist you in every facet of selling these types of properties.   He understands the subtle nuances, sensitivities and technical know-how of this complicated process all while making this overall transaction and liquidation easy for all parties involved.
  • James helps executors and administrators understand the subtleties of selling real estate in probate.  Whether the sale of the decendent’s property is an I.A.E.A transaction, or subject to court confirmation, you can be assured that he will take care of all the necessary steps to provide a smooth transaction.  He also offers straightforward, non-technical counseling for agents and prospective buyers on the offer process.
  • James offers a number of different services to expedite your probate listing and sale and is available to help you with any pre-marketing work that you may need or desire.  He will personally handle all preliminary estate mandatory actions, such as coordinating directly with your attorney in regards to paperwork requirements, court filings, etc.  His goal is to make your probate sale as simple and easy as possible for you throughout this process.



  • When working with James Boyd, you will receive accurate, on-time reports and streamlined communication between all parties. James anticipates problems that might cause a delayed closing and has the  skills to counter them with swift solutions.  He also offers knowledgeable handling of the offer process and all related subsequent paperwork.