James Boyd is a Real Estate Broker with 20 solid years of experience. He specializes in the area of probate and trusts transactions. James employs an effective and proactive marketing plan of action to simplify for you, the complicated process of selling a probate property. He employs proprietary techniques in negotiating, marketing, and delegating skills specifically designed for probate. His solid grasp of the technical aspects of probate real estate, is designed to maximize the highest profit for your estate.

James Boyd knows the Southern California real estate market extremely well. He grew up here, went to school locally at Cal State Fullerton, and still resides here. This local market knowledge, coupled with his strong marketing background enables him to employ numerous strategies to get the most exposure for your property.


His leadership skills enable him to run the entire probate transaction and make sure all cylinders are on full steam. He closely monitors the individuals that can be involved in any one particular probate transaction. This includes attorneys, escrow agents, title officers, and court personnel just to name a few. He’ll guide you through the intricacies of a probate transaction, and eliminate any stress and hassles.

Most realtors don’t have a background in lending. James Boyd does, and knows the pertinent questions to ask a buyer’s lender before escrow is even opened.   Not qualifying for a loan is one of the top reasons a real estate transaction falls out of escrow.  James Boyd does everything in his power to make sure this doesn’t happen.