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6 Things You Can Do To Stay Thin!

Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Health | 0 comments

You’re doing great with your diet. You’re working out regularly. You sweat it out and eat healthy. So why aren’t you losing weight? Here’s 6 tips to get you back on track, and jump start your metabolism.  It’s time to get your metabolism in high gear, and get you back in the game!

Graze All Day - Eat 5 meals a day. By doing so, you’re jump starting your metabolism by grazing all day and not starving yourself.

Hydrate Your System - Drink plenty of water to flush your system. It’s a good idea to drink a glass of water right when you wake in the morning, especially if you go to the gym. Water flushes your system and fills you up before meals.

Know Your Calorie Burn - Google BMR index online.  It’ll give you a chart that lets you input your height, weight, and age. It will then give you the number of calories a day your body burns at rest.  This is your base to start with. Don’t forget to add the number of calories you burn while doing cardio.

Count The Calories - Keep a calorie journal during the day. There are numerous calorie counters online. When you calculate your BMR number, subtract 300-500 calories a day and you’ll lose weight. By keeping track of calories, you’ll be more inclined to stay with your program.

Cheat Day - Have one day a week where you eat what you want. By doing so, you’ll keep your sanity, without really affecting your overall diet.

Stay Away From Processed Carbohydrates - Get your carbs from fruits and vegetables.  Processed foods will digest more quickly into the bloodstream, and by doing so, release glucose more rapidly. By eating carbs that break down more slowly in your system, you’ll lower your glycemic index.

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